Shop news: New blog address

It’s been a great year here and i hope you’ve had a great year too. Unfortunately, I’m ending the year with a cold virus (Yay) but am looking forward to next year and the bikes I get to build (and ride!).

A few days ago I had a shop visitor that is building a lugged road frame for his high school senior project. How cool is that?! I did my best to teach him framebuilding in less than 4 hours and how to braze with brass and silver. He picked up the heat control and adding silver really well and went home with a tube stuck in a seat tube lug that he brazed himself. Wish I had gone to THAT high school!

In other new, this here WordPress site will very soon become the ARCHIVE of the Meriwether Cycles blog to this point (12/31/2014), so please update your bookmarks.  The old blog’s photos will not link to the current blog without manually adding them and I’m not about to do that for the last 4 years of posts.

My Flickr site will still be used to share photos but I will also be posting the bike-related photos to the new Gallery on the new website.

The new website is:

and the new blog address is:

Thanks to Dan Cavallari for creating the new website and for many of the photos found on the new site. Tim of TimmyPphotography contributed many of the other photos and all of the shop photos.

Hope you like the new site and let me know if you have any problems using it or finding anything!

Happy New Year!


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