A short visit to Ned

Last Saturday my significant other out of the blue suggested we pack up and drive to our old town in Colorado…sure, why not? It was a short but sweet trip to where we moved from 2 years ago, Nederland, Colorado.  Fall had fallen for the most part, but the things we missed were all still there: our friends and the mountains. The weather cooperated too, sunny and 60 each day with none of that “W” word present to blow us around.

I got to join the Steel*Wool ride on Thursday night and rode some stuff over here and there and ended up at Backcountry Pizza for pints and pies.  Great to see you locals, thanks for coming out. The next day Heyride, Powers and I rode from their house to Singletrack Mtn and West Mag where it looks a bit different than when I was last here from the USFS fire mitigation efforts.  Trails are still there and in good shape somehow.  Saturday I rode with Timmy at Centennial Cone, a 12 mile mostly singletrack loop that is alotta fun. I hadn’t ridden it since it had been built and I’m glad we got out there. Great to see Timmy and Stace and their new home in Golden!

In between the riding I was hiking the Monsters (Izzy and Huck) twice a day to get them tired (impossible).  They loved exploring and pulling me all over the place looking for squirrels, deer, and elk and whatever else was moving in the woods.  We’ve got to make this a yearly trip, with the addition of Durango next time.

Photo dump to ensue…

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  1. Super fun weekend! Great blog post

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