Photos – Steel*Wool cross ride

These just in from my old town of Nederland, CO. Three cross bikes on the local Thursday night cross ride now that the snow is melting. Powers’ bike built with Nitto mustache bars, bar end shifters, and Knard 41’s…looks like something I’d have built for myself!

4 Responses

  1. Taking over the world…one ‘cross bike at a time!

  2. Man, I miss Ned!

    Park City rocks but it doesn’t have the same vibe and the same under-the-radar trail system where you can really get lost out there.

  3. Walt – I’d love to discuss your thoughts on Park City…there is a push from below to create “experience zones” throughout the Ned trail network. Gone will be the experience of feeling lost in your own backyard.

  4. My thoughts on Park City are that I need to find the locals who know where the gnar is – because the local trailbuilding orgs do a great job, but all they build is smooth twisties with a few switchbacks thrown in. Nary a rock or root in sight!

    In truth, I think we just were in Ned/Boulder at the right time when “pirate” trails could exist and not cause an uproar due to the low volume of riders. Those days are probably over, c’est la vie.

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