Nigel “official” test ride

Nigel goes to 11!

between the wheels

when Nigel was completed two days ago, i rode him around the roads by the house, because it was snowy and kinda cold.  yesterday morning, i was anxious and excited, so we went out for the “allen wrench ride”.  you know, when you get a new bike, stuff a multi-tool in your pocket and stop every five feet to adjust something.  but, there was nothing really to adjust.  really.  which is good, because it was cold as hell (12F!) and i really didn’t want to take my gloves off if i didn’t have to.  anyway, we found some gravel and some trail and even got freshies (except for one coyote before me) on a little bit of trail before heading back to the house to warm up.  it was a good ride, though.  Nigel is pretty awesome.  he’s simple, effective, beautiful and really snappy.  

this morning i got up…

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