A visit to the coast


The Missus and I and our 4 dogs I headed down to Santa Cruz for a few days to visit friends, see family, and kick back.  I got out on a few rides, the FIRST outside ride since November 17th was on the beach on my 29+ bike.  My knee’s tendonitis is feeling better, I felt like a kid in a candy store just riding my bike on the beach and up/down Aptos Creek Fire Road in Nisene Marks State Park.  Pretty nice to have that trail start right out of town.  Next time I’ll get up to the Demo Forest for some singletrack but I didn’t want to push it.  I know it’s just a fire road descent but it was damn fun on this bike. Cornering was so grin-inducing i had trouble not laughing out loud.  I had my foot out on the first few corners but after realizing i really wasn’t going to slip I just hung on for the ride.


Even with the slight tread pattern of the Knards, because of the contact patch and lower tire pressure the 29+ bike just tracks like nothing else I’ve ridden. If mountain biking’s forefathers had had these tires back then, it’d be a different world today.

It was a great trip. It felt like we went to the big city.  Even though there’s a lot more people there than the Sierra Foothills and traffic is kinda crazy, we splurged on lots of great food and found some new places to explore.  I even went with a friend’s two kids to Derby skate park. The last time I was there was about 1985 on a skateboard. It was a trip.

me and the Monsters

me and the Monsters


As long as you stay close to the water and the tide’s not too high…all is good.


A fatbiker rode before me! The Knard on left, an Endormorph on the right (which is a pretty perfect beach tire).

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  1. Sounds great! Beach riding must be fun!

    What did “The Missus” think of her new name 🙂

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