Favorite uses for magnets

Fixturing with magnets.

The magnet on the top cap of the fork is the latest discovery for me. Holds it to the leg no matter which way I tip it! So easy to braze now.


These pivoting magnets from I can’t remember are great for fixturing fork legs to crown pieces and tacking while upside down. I use these a LOT for various things that typically used to fall and clang on the floor while balancing.

2 Responses

  1. Where did you get the magnet that will handle brazing temps? I tried a ton of different ones and they all go amorphous/nonmagnetic.

    • Alnico horseshoe magnets at MSC. They’re stupid costly but I think worth at least one. Lots of sizes too.
      I saw someone’s picture awhile ago (can’t remember who) using a smaller alnico magnet for holding cable stops, etc. in place while brazing.

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