Direct mount front derailleur fun

This is my 2nd direct mount front derailleur mount, the last was on frame #6 and was also for Heyride’s frame. With 430mm chainstays, 60mm BB drop, a 2.4″ tire, and an offset seat tube…this was a total PITA.  I’d like to say it was easier than the first but it ended up taking longer than I’m going to admit.

I started out using a Paragon direct mount braze-on (unmitered version) and quickly messed that one up so ‘had’ to just use the face of it and weld a chainstay scrap piece to the back and miter that.  Yes, could’ve ordered another one and waited to arrive but i’m a bit obsessive when I’m trying to finish a frame. I guess i saved some weight in the process…so that’s good! Hope you feel those 10 grams Heyride!  Getting the angle between 66-69 degrees while making sure there’s ample tire clearance to the pulley and pulley to seat tube was challenging and my math skills weren’t up to the task apparently.  File, fit, file, fit and so it was.  Turned out nice in my humble opinion though. Can’t wait till front derailleurs are a thing of the past!

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