Scrapping the build

There’s no other way to explain it = I majorly f’d up.   Frame 8 is a goner.

The front triangle was near perfect, great welds (for me) and then I forgot to re-set the BB drop setting to 57mm instead of zero…and I welded the chainstays that way.  WTF?!

I have no reason other than I just forgot to recheck the frame jig’s settings. Hard lesson to learn.  I was going to take the advice of some builders on mtbr I heard from but of course i had to try to ‘witch-wand’ (heating with a torch to bend) the tubes into the right BB drop setting…and ended up ovalizing the bottom bracket something severe.  So…this is literally a scrap front triangle that I’ll likely someday cut out the BB and chainstays to make a smaller frame.  It’d have to be an odd sized 52-53cm cross frame but I don’t know anyone that wants a frame that size.  It’s been a bad couple of bike builds…very bummed…but what can i say? I’m learning the hard way.

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3 Responses

  1. no chance you can just cut off the chain-stays, hand file the bb back down to smooth and go again?

    • unfortunately no. I ovalized the BB shell itself while bending back the chainstays…i can’t even fit a BB in it anymore! Wish I had just sawed them off in the first place and not tried to bend. Lesson learned!

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