MC#6 does CB100!

Oh…with Heyride as the pilot…minor detail.  After only 4 rides on the bike and one week old, he took MC#6 to Crested Butte for the annual 100-mile somewhat official race (it’s free and the course is unmarked – if you don’t know the course you’re screwed) and placed 24th out of 75-ish riders with a time of 11 hours. Nice work!

Here’s some comments on the ride:  “The fit is sweet….The ride is sweet. Snappy would be a good word to describe it. The bike climbed very well (it was sure nice to be able to climb out of the saddle) and was lively on the descents. It’s hard to describe, but it almost springs out of corners, similar to a full suspension bike.” (His other geared MTB is a 6″ travel Specialized Enduro…)

And it didn’t break! haha…

A reminder on it’s specs: It’s a 19″-ish size frame with the a 69 deg head angle, 72 deg seat tube angle, 685mm front center, 24″ effective TT length, 16.75″ chainstays. The wheel base is around 43.6″.

Click for a sweet video of the race here and you can see the orange and white Steel*Wool jersey of Heyride in there a couple of times.

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