Crash test dummy

Heyride riding gold

Gold 'n sunset

I love this paint job.  I primed it and he put some hardware store gold Krylon and the finish is much nicer than the Rustoleum’s I’ve been using.  He’s been riding it for 5 or so hours now and may just be being nice to me but say it rides much better than the Surly Karate Monkey fork he had on there previously.  Last night, we did a great 3 hour trail ride with the Steel*Wool crew where the adverse-camber rooty, rocky, and somewhat washed out trails and 4×4 roads gave it a good test. It passed with no problems even after he even sunk his front tire into a rather large mud pit and pulled out of it without a Superman.  It’s not noticeably lighter than the Surly fork, but purrs over the terrain better.  I’m glad I’m not just being biased when I noticed the same thing! Hah.


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