1st ride on the Rivbomb

I finished the segmented fork for the 2nd frame. After brazing on the crown race, leg top caps, and cable guide I gave it a good cleaning and Permalac’d it up.  Got out at 6pm for an hour ride, and other than the crappy shifting, it rode really well!

Straight as an arrow and solid. It is SO very different than my 1st frame. I couldn’t have picked two opposite geometries.  The RivBomb is a lot more twitchy up front than the G2-ish 29er (trail is only 67mm vs. 79mm), but the chainstays are very long at 18.4″ (467mm) and the BB is way low at 11.5″ (8 cm BB drop).  I hit my pedals on a stump on the first trail I rode…too low for a trail bike but this bike is meant to tour the dirt roads (fire road as they call them in norcal). This thing hugs the ground and loves to corner.  I will not be taking this on any technical singletrack but that is really not what it’s meant for.  Just like most things, bikes are made for different purposes.  There’s not a ‘quiver’ bike, a one-size fits all, although this bike is more of an all-rounder than any other I’ve ridden I can already see changes that I’d make to the geometry.

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