Easy Access

Just a couple of pictures of how twisted this frame fixture can get with not too much effort. It does take some elbow grease to twist it forward/back (driveside/non-driveside) without loosening the clamp’s swivel thingy, but really easy to get it to swivel left/right without any effort at all.  The access to the joints is really good for tacking the frame together.  I’m learning to love this fixture even though it lacks some little things.  The newest one I learned is that the Anvil has neat little attachments for the seatstays and chainstays to hold them on there so they don’t fall off while twisting the fixture, but not so for the A65. Not sure it’s fair to compare though since I paid thousands less for this and I think it has overall better access to the joints.

I welded the wishbone seatstay together today (a bit too hot as you can see) and tacked the rear triangle so one day soon, i will start welding the frame together! It’s sweet seeing it all come together finally!

Next time, I will make custom wishbone seatstays instead of using the Nova unicrown-style seatstays. I dig wishbone stays for form and function – especially the look of the 5-piece.

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